Why You’re Still Not Losing Weight

Here’s the repeated problem of trying to lose weight:

1. You wait to start on a Monday.

2. And when you do, you try and make a BIG lifestyle change.

3. You start a completely new diet, usually quite STRICT.

4. You start a workout plan and try and jump into 4-5 workouts per week.

5. You’re excited, though! This may finally be the diet and training plan that works for you!
You’ve been food shopping, and you’re ready to smash it. Motivation is on fire! 🔥

6. You have an “all or nothing” mindset going into this new week.

7. “This week, I WILL DO IT.”

If this is you, please STOP. It will never work.

There’s a SOLUTION, of course, backed by science, and it’s way easier to do than the above.

It’s about 95% easier to do than trying to do a huge change starting on a Monday with a new diet and workout plan.

The world’s #1 behavioural scientist BJ Fogg used to help companies like Instagram to build apps that become addictive by making you use them as a habit very quickly.

He states there are only 3 WAYS to cause a meaningful CHANGE from his research

1) Have an epiphany/insight into something so totally that it forever changes how you behave about that thing. Think about when we say, “it just clicked”. That’s what he’s talking about here.

2) Change of environment

3) Change habits in tiny ways

Combining all 3 WAYS

  • NO restrictive eating plans. No following someone’s plan like a machine.
  • You can NOT get an insight or epiphany into how your mind works or how diet culture influences you if you’re always doing something born from it.
  • NO restrictive method can bring order or insight. It generates chaos, and there’s no “seeing” in chaos.

You have to start tiny, and it’s uncomfortable because you feel, “is this it?”. And that’s the first major hurdle. To get your head around your life will change from TINY things, NOT 1 big change on a Monday 8x a year with a new diet.


We often fail at building habits by setting unsustainable goals.

TINY HABITS make habit-building EASY.

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