Turtle Method Annual Deal

Last Saturday we kicked off the first ever Turtle Games event. Even against the odds of looming transportation strikes and an unpredictable weather forecast, the day played out beautifully.

You can view the Turtle Games photo album here

The sun was shining, the attendance was great and the atmosphere was electrifying. It was such a great experience, we’ve decided to make the Turtle Games a staple in our already awesome line-up of events.

Here’s a quick glimpse of our events calendar:

  • The End of Octagon Challenge in April
  • Turtle Games in July
  • Turtle Fforest in September
  • Christmas Meet-Ups in November & December

Feeling curious? Dive into the highlights of our past events at the bottom of the page here.

Saturday brought a heartening realisation. The conversations I had with members and newcomers alike confirmed how much everyone appreciates these energising events.

Our goal is simple: to foster an environment that is fun, welcoming, and rewarding. But, more importantly, our events serve as a unique benefit of our Turtle Method membership, an exciting opportunity to mingle with like-minded people across the nation.

We believe that our events, in and of themselves, warrant the membership fee. But, with the Turtle Method, you get so much more.

We see ourselves as more than just a fitness brand. We’re here to nourish your overall well-being, encompassing your mental, physical, and spiritual health, as well as your work-life balance and relationships.

But how can we claim to prioritise holistic health if we only concentrate on fitness? Or nutrition? It’s about seeing the bigger picture, which is why we constantly engage industry leaders to interact with our members on a broad range of health and well-being topics.

In short, the Turtle Method is a slow but lasting approach to fat loss. Whilst we’re losing fat and gaining muscle, we’re also working on our holistic health. It’s hard to do this if you’re on 1000 cals a day and pushed to do cardio every single day. So with our slow but lasting approach this gives you the energy to tackle your health & life as a whole, and that’s why we’re different.

You may be swayed by 8 week transformation plans by online PTs for £200 that show big changes. But I’d recommend you ask for the “after after” photo.

But let’s cut to the chase.

For the next 72 hours, when you sign up for our Turtle Method Annual membership, you’ll save £20 and receive a complimentary pouch of our premium whey protein powder worth £37.

Here’s what’s in store for you as a member:

  • Access to exclusive events and local meet-ups
  • Tailored nutrition plan tweaked weekly according to changes in your metabolism, all done inside our incredible app.
  • Hundreds of on-demand workouts including yoga, pilates, strength, HIIT, dance, bodyweight, core, gym workouts, and more.
  • Six live zoom workouts per week (all archived for replay)
  • Weekly nutrition Q&As with our expert, Dr. Paul Rimmer
  • Weekly mental health chats with mental health nurse Ryan Williams
  • Weekly book club with Scott Flear
  • Monthly reviews with Ryan Libbey
  • Monthly mindset seminars and workshops with Dean Leak
  • Unlimited check-ins with our nutritionists
  • A Morning & Evening mindset diary
  • Menstrual cycle tracker
  • And so much more….

The value you’re getting is substantial.

Consider this: a typical 12-week online coaching plan costs around £250.

For just £79, you gain access to a full YEAR of our programs, including our events. That’s £20 off the regular price of £99, plus a free pouch of our protein powder, free from bloating and irritants, worth £37.

Our clear whey protein station was a big hit on Saturday ^

Remember, you get unlimited access to our nutritionists to help guide you with any personal questions. We work with you, and you’re all different.

This offer expires in 72 hours.

Take a step towards a healthier you. Invest in your well-being for the next 12 months with a portion of this month’s paycheck. Secure your health development, today.

Purchase this offer here.

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To claim your £20 off and free bag of protein worth £37.