Our Journey: From fit to fit-mum with Louise Thompson

As Louise Thompson’s partner since 2016, I’ve seen her journey through a phenomenal transformation. I trained her and watched with pride as her efforts led her to grace the cover of Women’s Health Magazine, not once but twice.

In 2019, we channelled our passion for fitness and health into something more. We wanted to make a difference, empower women, and so Turtle Method was born. We crafted a simple yet powerful system – three workouts a week, a macro-based nutrition plan, and a commitment to provide daily support and accountability. Our brainchild flourished, helping thousands of women get leaner, stronger and more confident.

You can scroll through some reviews of the Turtle Method below. Don’t just take my word for it!

However, life presented a new challenge in late 2021. Louise’s pregnancy and subsequent motherhood took a toll on her fitness regime. It was a tough journey, one that tested our resolve and strength. It took us until mid-2023 to fully comprehend the impact and muster the courage to fight back.

Louise has been incredibly brave, sharing snippets of her journey with trauma and recovery on her Instagram. I can’t and won’t attempt to encapsulate all the details here – it’s her story to tell in her own time and words. But I couldn’t be prouder of her resilience and grit. The journey is never linear, filled with ups and downs, but she has persevered.

She’s some such a long way since the picture below at hospital!

Louise knew the importance of health and fitness in her life and was determined to reclaim her wellness. She turned to our trusty Turtle Method once more. A flexible macro plan and two to three strength-based workouts per week became her allies. No restrictive diets or forbidden foods, just smart nutrition and strength training.

Within a few months, Louise reclaimed her fitness glow. Her transformation post-baby has been nothing short of incredible, a testament to her resilience, determination and the effectiveness of our Turtle Method. This journey has proven that our method is not only effective pre-baby but has shown itself to be even more impactful post-baby, particularly when time is a scarce resource. It’s a realistic system for real people living real lives.

Here are some pictures of Louise glowing recently, being back into a fitness routine. (Don’t mistake outward looks for inner health though, to be real, she’s still fighting the inner world and navigating her trauma, but we must celebrate the wins and I love these pictures. And of course our son is just beautiful!)

Today, we want to extend the same transformative opportunity to you.

I’ve shared this story quite raw because it matters. Life is hard. We all need help. We need guidance. And we’ve loved helping so many since 2019.

And we’re mega confident in our system and support as a business. We need to shout about it even more, because we know the statistics on other services are terrible!

Louise followed a 12 week training and macros plan.

And you can get access to this exact 12-week workout plan and your own tailored macros with our brand-new app to log your food and complete a weekly review.

Now this is where other companies may say buy now, trust us.

Even with 100,000 plans sold, and a strong 4.7 / 5* score on Trustpilot and apple app store, we want to earn your trust.

So before you jump into the 12-week plan Louise followed (+ countless others we have) we want you to try us for 2 weeks, completely free.

You don’t even need a card to activate this trial. You simply download our app, put in your details, get your tailored nutrition plan and the trial automatically ends after the 14 days. No risk of a charge or anything like that.

This is unlike any other 2-week free trial. You don’t just get an app and some targets and off you go.

Our 14-day nutrition and mindset masterclass is a 5* rated plan.

You’ll have daily 10-min podcasts to listen to about nutrition, mindset and your task for the day.

You’ll get a daily micro task to complete, and they will build over time, so you master the app and your nutrition by day 14.

You’ll get a daily video on how to use an important feature.

And you’ll get daily support by our coaches in the dedicated group.

This review by Susan Finley sums it up:

“Just finished the 14 day challenge, using this app was so helpful, can see at a glance where I am sitting macro wise throughout the day. The daily podcasts from Scott were really motivating and reassuring. I have a completely different mental approach to both food and stepping on the scales. I never weighed myself regularly before, as it did impact my mood depending on the number shown. This app has helped me deal with this differently and understand the bigger picture better. Brilliant app and community is fab too.”

Masterclass users lose on average 2-4 pounds of fat in 14 days.

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