Turtle One Membership

We are grateful for your support and through our evolution. Now we’re ready to bring you even more with our new world-class offering. Please watch the video for the full info! This is exciting stuff 🚀🐢

Your next steps:

Ryan Libbey is doing a live zoom session on Thursday 4th May at 7pm to complete an Octagon 3 review and to answer any questions about the membership.

Follow one of the 3 links below to purchase the membership option that works best for you.

All links will direct you to our stripe payment page. Lifetime has the option of Klarna, monthly & annual don’t.

Once you’ve paid, your app will remain active and starting from May 8th you’ll get an app update to reflect the new lives timetable, replays and so forth.

Note: For Gold members, your new lower price will not be automatically done. Please email support@turtlemethod.com to sort.

Platinum members don’t need to worry about any changes until June 1st, as that is when the platinum services end (1-1 monthly calls and 1-1 whatsapp


>>> Monthly £19

>>> Annually £99

>>> Lifetime £179 (one-time payment)

What this means for you

Current silver monthly members

You’re paying £9.99 pm and can keep doing so for app only access + 5 on-demand workouts, turtle radio + podcasts. But for just £10 extra per month you can get access to all the new live workouts, seminars, replays, 30+ on-demand workouts and so forth. But we won’t force you to upgrade or cancel, you can remain app only for as long as you like.

Current Silver annuals

You don’t need to do anything, your pricing is the same as turtle one annual. You’ll automatically be upgraded with the new services

Current Gold Monthly

You will need to purchase the new monthly price of £19 and then email support@turtlemethod.com to cancel your gold and get a refund pro-rata

Current Platinums

We will be in touch specifically for you all as its a little more complex. But your service does not change until June 1st, there’s time for the changes

Turtle Champions

If you want to stay part of our wonderful community with access to our events and discounts to challenges, this is for you.

For just £39 per year you can remain a Turtle, and we’d love to see you remain part of the community.

>>> Buy Turtle Champions

Note: that’s just 10.8 pence a day / £3.20 a month

Think of it as buying a cup of coffee for the turtle team per month 🙂

Events in 2023 to look forward to

May 13th – The Yard Hampshire Meet post Octagon 3 (free for members and champions)

July 29th London – Turtle Games (free for members and champions)

Turtle Fforest September 29th – 1st Octagon (invite only paid retreat open to members and champions)

New Live Timetable for Turtle One (evening seminars are not weekly)

Note: Jo’s sessions are cancelled for the foreseeable due to a bereavement.