You may be wondering “what’s next” after the masterclass ends next week. 

With 6 days to go, I want to give you some options to think about. 

Our biggest and best transformational challenge “The Octagon” starts on Monday, and early bird discount ended last night, but we’ll extend it just for you.

I didn’t want you to lose focus on the task at hand with the masterclass, so keep focusing one day at a time with it.

You have 3 routes:

A) Join the membership only (monthly, annual, lifetime pricing) More details below.

B) Join the membership then join the Octagon 3 with your members discount + Earlybird. More details below.

C) Not sign up for the membership right now but join Octagon 3 with an Earlybird discount which has been extended to Thursday for you. Use code “earlymc” for £50 off so you get Octagon 3 for £99.

You can join by following the button below and your app data will be saved with 8 weeks access with the challenge

But take a look at your options below, I’ve added a special one-time offer also.

Membership price is for full app access, 1-1 nutritionist support via email, daily podcasts, radio, dedicated membership FB group, access to events (main ones and local events), on-demand workouts and more. Also, you’ll get the daily support you’ve experienced for as long as you’re a member.


Monthly – £9.99

You will carry on using the app as is, data is saved. You’ll get 5 on-demand workout programs added to your app, so you can start building on those habits. 

Not only that, but you also get 25% off challenges. 

Annually – £59 per year

Annually – you save a lot of going this route as it’s just £59 for the year (£4.92 per month) so it saves you over 50% if you do this.

You also get access to 25+ on-demand workouts with annual, so you’ll never be without workouts to do. 

Annual is usually £99 for the year, you save £40 if you sign up by Sunday 12th March.

Use code


You also get 50% off challenges. 

Special one-time offer – Silver Lifetime

Maybe you don’t want subscriptions, you’d rather pay one-off. In this option you can get lifetime access to the membership with all updates for £179 and Octagon 3 is included in this price. 


If you join monthly today and sign up for Octagon by Thursday, you’ll pay £84.74

(£9.99 + Octagon price)

+ £9.99 pm moving forward.

Once you’ve paid, you need to email me for your code to buy Octagon with your monthly + Earlybird discount. (

If you join annual today and sign up for Octagon by Thursday, you’ll pay £108.50 total.

(£59 + Octagon price). 

So join Annual using code “march2023masterclass” to get it for £59. Then email me for your Annual + Early bird combined discount code for Octagon 3.

If you join lifetime today, you’ll auto join Octagon and never have to pay a subscription again for £179. We accept payments with Klarna for this, so you could spread the cost too. This offer expires on Sunday 12th March.