The real reason for your struggles to lose weight has nothing to do with your genetics, body type, supplements or sugar.  Instead, it starts with cortisol, the stress hormone. 

You see, scientists have found a clear connection between stress and eating habits. Some people eat to distract themselves from stress, but others ignore hunger cues and don’t eat at all. 

However, in people that feel stressed a lot, the hormone cortisol floods the body. Your brain links the stress hormone with the need for energy.  Why? Well back in the day when we turned stress on, it meant we had to fight or run for our lives, so the response makes sense. If we feel stressed, we need to get as much energy to our muscles as possible, get the heart racing and adrenaline pumping. 

Because your brain thinks you need added fuel, you reach for foods that give quick energy (like sugar & fatty foods)  but can leave you with a crash later on. When you’re in “fight or flight mode,” you’re not thinking about later. You’re looking for that hit of immediate gratification that will help you survive at the moment.

But stress doesn’t just affect what you eat; it can also affect your metabolism. According to one study on daily stressors, participants who reported one or more stressors in the previous 24 hours burned 104 fewer calories than non-stressed women in the 7 hours after eating a high-fat meal. This demonstrates the effects of suppressed digestion and translates to a potential 11-pound weight gain over the course of one year.

So why does this matter? 

Well, you’re sitting there thinking the reason you’ve not lost weight is that you’ve not taken X supplement or haven’t switched from white potatoes to sweet potatoes, or you’re not doing keto….AND getting even MORE stressed that you’re not eating the “perfect” diet causing a feedback loop that never stops. Because eating perfectly isn’t possible, you’re always activating stress about your weight, food intake and body. 

In contrast, though, people who discarded perfect eating and opted for an imperfect flexible approach (eating foods they love and wholesome foods when possible) experiences lower rates of anxiety, depression and had lower body weights. 

But here’s the thing:

So far, we’ve discovered five factors that play a role in determining how stressed we feel:

  • No control
  • No predictability
  • No outlet for our fear
  • A perception that things are getting worse
  • No shoulder to cry on

So in your case…. 

You feel you have no control over your food intake (stress makes this even worse, sometimes we feel it’s impossible not to comfort eat) 

No predictability –  you have no plan that allows flexibility, so you feel out of control all the time.

You have no outlet for your fear about your health, life, confidence etc. 

You feel things are only getting worse, and you’re out of control (again). 

You have nowhere to turn to for daily support 

So if you want to increase your metabolism, lose weight and improve your health the best thing for you to do is lower your stress response, get a nutrition plan that lets you eat your favourite foods AND get daily support. That is exactly what we offer with our 14-day nutrition masterclass. 

We’ve developed a unique and specific 14-day program to reduce stress, rid yourself of feeling guilty, achieve food freedom and drastically improve your relationship with food (which reduces stress a lot!)

And to reduce your anxiety about it, it’s 100% free to do. No card is needed, either. 

So to start, we need to follow a plan one day at a time.

Small steps that are manageable and easy to follow.

The 14 day masterclass comes with LIVE daily support every morning in our audio chat room called Turtle Radio, all day in the FB group replying to questions and every day in our giant chat room (like a group WhatsApp). 

You will get everything you need to lower your stress, take control over your nutrition, still eat the foods you love, feel part of a community that wants to help you and guided by experts every single day. 

Are you ready?

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